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Jaltoid - Animation Duo


We are a wacky, satire, animation channel on YouTube. Jaltoid has been producing animated shorts since  October of 2012.



Can I do work for your videos? voice/art/animation?

Currently we do not need any sort of extra help. If we do need any in the future, we will be sure announce it!


Do you guys play games?

Yep! We’ll be playing a lot on our gaming channel, JaltoidGames.


Can I make a Dub of your videos?

You are free to do so, don't feel obligated to ask first.


Will you partner with our network?

No, we're in a network currently. 


Are you dating?

YES YES YES!! We’ve been dating for some years now


For a more indepth faq visit: http://jaltoid.tumblr.com/ask




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P.O. Box 2622
Mansfield, OH 44906

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  • Suggestions/Feedback
  • Fan mail
  • Press related inquiries
  • Business related inquiries


Do NOT contact us for the following:

  • Promotions/Spam
  • Comissions, or Favors (we simply don't have the time, sorry)
  • Asking us to like or share your content on youtube, facebook, ect

Art, and Screenshots

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