June 26 - 28

What are we doing at IndyPopCon?

How can you attend?

We will have a booth setup on table 649, right next to StevRayBro in the Internet Alley!

Our Panel with StevRayBro is on Saturday at 11:00am in Panel Room 140. More info here:

Come stop by the booth any of the 3 days and say hello! If you have one of our SpreadShirts on, feel free to ask for our Princesses Poster, free of charge!

If you are interested in attending vist their website!

Official Game Servers

Here are a few game servers that we run.

Gary's Mod: Prop Hunt

Location: Chicago, IL United States

Server Version: 1.8

Jaltoid Game Servers

Minecraft Factions

Location: Chicago, IL United States

Server Version: 1.8


[Are commissions open?]

➜No, they’ll be closed for a while. If they are opened we’ll let you know.

[What is a commission?]

➜It’s where you pay for artwork to be done. More detail about it will be posted if they’re ever opened again.

[Do you have a DeviantArt account?]

➜NO! We don’t get along with the staff and the community isn’t the best unfortunately. If you’d like to see art however, we post art on Tumblr.

[Can you make a DeviantArt account?]

➜No sorry, we’re not interested.

[Can I do work for your videos? voice/art/animation?]

➜Currently we do not need any sort of extra help. If we do need any in the future, we will be sure announce it!

[Can I request something? (Animation/Drawing/Etc.)]

➜Sorry but we’re a little busy with our own work currently

[What program do you animate with?]

➜Adobe Flash Professional

[What program do you draw with?]

➜An english version of Paint Tool Sai

[What tablets do you guys have?]

➜Dalton has a Wacom Cintiq HD 13 in.

➜Emi has a Wacom Intuos 5

[Can you give me Drawing/Animation tips?]

➜To be honest, that a rather vague question. If you could be more specific then we’d be able to answer. As far as general tips go all we can say is practice!

▼How do you capture your gameplay? ▼

We use an Elgato Game Capture HD

▼Can I make a video with your gameplay audio?▼

That would be awesome, we encourage you to do so

▼What systems do you own?(that we can do lets plays for)▼

NES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii ,Xbox360, WiiU, and PC(Steam)

[Are you dating?]

➜YES YES YES!! We’ve been dating for some years now

[Do you guys play games?]

➜Yep! We’ll be playing a lot on our gaming channel, JaltoidGames.

We play a lot of games, mostly PC (steam) but a fair share of handheld and console as well

[Do you guys watch anime?]

➜When we have time to

[You have a 3ds? Can we add eachother?]

➜We’re sorry, but we’d rather only really share with our close friends.

[Can you we see a real pic?]

➜Well... they are actually out there. You'd have to find em.


Address to:
Dalton Joyce and/or Emi Kuc
PO Box 2622
Mansfield, OH 44906

NOTICE: PO Box Mail is occasionally shared on out Tumblr page. We will NEVER post any of your personal information. If you wish for us to not share your mail, please specify in your letter/package. Thank you! :)

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